Did you know that a prominent trait among Hispanics is a profound belief in the value of hard work, commitment, and gratitude? 

You might have seen them at work, performing under the scorching sun or braving the winter chill, early in the morning or late into the night, skillfully and diligently carrying out their tasks without a word of complaint.

They hold a deep appreciation for being in the US, the land of opportunity, and this translates into a strong loyalty to their employers.

I am one of those Hispanics...

With one difference...

I've always had a creative mind that guides the work of my hands. 

In the realm of Real Estate, I represent the educated embodiment of this work ethic. I pour equal parts of effort and dedication into my work for my clients, offering them the most beneficial guidance and delivering the results they seek. 

I cherish the chance to work for them and never feel entitled to their business.

I earn it through dedication, skill, perseverance, and tangible results.

I firmly believe in the three C’s of life: 

Choice – Chance – Change.

You must make the Choice, to take a Chance, if you want anything to Change!

  • Devoted Family Man & Inspirational Leader: Proud father of four and a dedicated husband. Passionate about guiding my family to a life filled with joy and fulfillment. 
  • Dynamic Managing Broker & Inspirational Team Leader: At the helm of Samson Properties' Gaithersburg, MD office with over 300 agents, I blend leadership, vision, and strategy to drive unprecedented success. Simultaneously, I lead the Maxus Realty Group within the office, guiding my team of agents with a blend of mentorship, innovation, and deep market expertise, ensuring both individual and collective triumphs in the competitive world of real estate.
  • Expert Negotiator & Contract Specialist: Skilled in crafting over 1000 sales and purchase contracts, demonstrating a knack for detail and an unwavering commitment to client success.
  • Client Relationship Maestro: Renowned for building enduring client rapport, resulting in a steady flow of referrals thanks to my client-first approach and impeccable service.
  • Influential Educator & Industry Leader at Keller Williams: Former co-owner at Keller Williams Home Towne Realty in Frederick, MD. My roles as ALC, Chair of Career Development, and Head of the Education Committee catalyzed growth and nurtured talent.
  • Top Recruiter Agent & Team Builder: Instrumental in skyrocketing an office's growth from 30 to a whopping 92 agents, showcasing my unparalleled recruiting skills and leadership prowess.
  • Agent Training Guru & Real Estate Strategist: Specializing in Lead Generation and Business Planning, with a deep dive into Real Estate Contract Law, shaping agents into top industry performers.
  • Tech-Savvy Trainer: A wizard in Camp 4.4.3 Training and a pro in leveraging Professional RE Systems & Tools. My expertise spans from Database Management to Website Development, not to mention my proficiency in the Microsoft Suite, Videos and Imaging Products.
  • Business Growth and Team Dynamics Expert: A master in leveraging business opportunities, building powerhouse teams, and unraveling the nuances of personality profiling to maximize individual and team potential.
  • Digital Strategy Visionary in Real Estate: A sought-after strategist for digital real estate presence, guiding brokers and realtors in crafting impactful online footprints.
  • Bestselling Author & Thought Leader: One of my eBooks “Is a Short Sale An Option For You” has captivated over 115,000 readers, making me a go-to voice in real estate during the 2008 real estate crisis
  • Sales Record Holder: Achieved an astounding single month record of 11 closings in a month (June 2011), a testament to my relentless drive and sales acumen.
  • Foreclosure Escape Artist: Successfully navigated over 150 homeowners away from foreclosures and subpar loan modifications, utilizing short sales as a strategic tool against financial adversity.
  • Top-Tier Realtor & Market Influencer: Among the elite top 3% of Realtors in the US, recognized for my extensive property listings and deep market insight.
  • Media-Lauded Real Estate Expert: Featured on platforms like NPR Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Washington Examiner, and The Washington Post, I’m a respected voice on topics from economic trends to the social dynamics of real estate.
  • Champion of Equality and Fairness in Real Estate: Internationally recognized for my insights on racism in real estate, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable industry.
  • Incessant Entrepreneur & Marketing Maverick: Spearheading a cutting-edge marketing company tailored for real estate agents, I'm devoted to passing on my wisdom and proven techniques. This venture is more than a business; it's a platform for empowering agents with the tools and strategies they need to carve out successful and thriving careers in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.
  • Master of Time Management & Productivity Virtuoso: I maintain a meticulous approach to managing my time, a trait that significantly amplifies my daily accomplishments. By exercising stringent control over my schedule, I ensure every day is a testament to efficiency and achievement, allowing me to consistently meet and surpass both personal and professional milestones.

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I know you are here because you are considering hiring me or working with me. . . 

You've come to the right place

scroll down and let me tell you a little bit about myself. . .  

In the late 1970s, a pivotal moment unfolded in my life that I will never forget, as I found myself hastily exiting the American Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia. 

Fueled by hopes, dreams, and youthful ambition, I could hardly believe why I wasn't stopped and shot by the Military Police as I ran onto the bustling avenue like a maniac... Moments before, filled with a mix of nervousness and determination, I entered nervously the US embassy to submit my final visa application to the United States.

Carrying a thick manila envelope, which contained not just documents but the story of my life, I was prepared for this decisive day. Inside were my visa application, school records, parental authorization, my mother's death certificate, and a military school medical leave form exempting me from service. It also held my immunization records, an application to a U.S. school, assurances for my stay, application fees, and most importantly, a one-way ticket to the U.S. – bought with every penny I had.

The acceptance of my visa was more than paperwork; it symbolized a gateway to a new future, a stark divergence from the path laid out for me in Bolivia. The loss of my mother, still fresh in my heart, had instilled in me a resolve to change my life. In her memory, I pursued this chance, hoping to make her proud.

I was taking a chance, leaving everything that I loved, my family, my friends, the food, the customs and everything that was my life so far, I was leaving it all, taking a chance to come into the unknown, the scariest place and risk everything. 

At that moment in my life, that was the significance for me to come to the US.

The important early morning appointment at the embassy had been marked on my calendar for weeks, and I had meticulously planned every detail to avoid any mishaps. Aware of the significance of this day, I made sure to arrive well before the scheduled time, leaving nothing to chance. As the taxi came to a halt at the embassy, I handed the fare to the driver, my thoughts drifting to my mother. In that silent moment, I sought her blessing, a ritual that always gave me strength. I stepped out of the taxi and looked up to see the American flag fluttering in the breeze, a symbol that, in my heart, I interpreted as a sign of good fortune and hope.

However, as I settled into the waiting area of the embassy, a chilling realization abruptly shattered my composed state of mind. 

The manila envelope, which was essentially the culmination of my life’s journey up to that point, was nowhere to be found. A wave of panic washed over me as I frantically retraced my steps in my mind, only to discover with a sinking heart that I had left the envelope, my gateway to a new beginning, in the backseat of the taxi. 

In those few seconds, it felt as if all my careful laid out plans, the dreams I had nurtured, and the hopes I had dreamed of... were slipping away from my grasp, disappearing into thin air.

Compelled by a surge of desperation mixed with a determined resolve, I sprang from my seat and took off racing as fast as I could out of that embassy. My mind was racing, scolding my own self for such a lack of attention. I found myself amidst a sea of taxis, each one indistinguishable from the other, each a potential carrier of my now seemingly distant future. I was in the middle of a traffic fest where half the cars were taxis, my eyes darted from one taxi to another, a desperate young man in search of the one vehicle that held the key to his dreams. Just when I felt the crushing weight of despair about to overwhelm me, a stroke of luck, as if guided by some unseen hand, presented itself – there was my taxi, unmistakably caught in the middle of traffic.

Without a moment's hesitation, I shouted, 

“Sir!” My voice, tinged with urgency and relief, caught the attention of the taxi driver. "My papers, my papers, I left my papers! " I explained the situation, my words tumbling out in a rush of breathless relief. And there, to my immense relief and gratitude, lay my documents, still in the back of the taxi, undisturbed and waiting for me, as if they knew all along that I would return for them.

A few days later, as the plane descended into Miami, Florida, I found myself lost in contemplation of that crucial moment back at the embassy. It was a moment that defined my whole life, I was on the edge of altering my entire life's path. If those documents were lost, that would've kept me anchored in Bolivia, in a life that would have been entirely different from the one I was about to embark upon. 

The mix of emotions that engulfed me was profound – a blend of sadness at leaving behind the familiar comforts of home, family, and friends, and a sense of exhilaration at the prospect of venturing into an unknown, promising future.

That experience, marked by a blend of sheer determination, a bit of luck, and an unwavering belief in my dreams, profoundly shaped the trajectory of my life. 

It stands as a poignant reminder of my journey to the United States, a path full of obstacles that became aspirations, fueled by a profound sense of gratitude towards a nation that opened its arms to a young man filled with hope, offering him the chance to pursue his dreams, based on hard work and determination. I was going after a dream and my dream became a reality and for reason, 

I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude and consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to call the United States of America my home. It's a privilege that I cherish profoundly.

We named our company MAXUS REALTY GROUP to symbolize the pinnacle of opportunities available in the U.S. 

It's a constant reminder to never take for granted the vast possibilities and chances this land of opportunity offers.

Delivering a $23,000 Surprise to My Client!

The journey began when my client's daughter discovered us online, a common occurrence as most of our clients initially connect with us through our extensive online educational resources.

"Fernando, most Realtors shy away from $60,000 Short Sale Listings!"

That was her apprehension when we first met. Yet, there was an instant bond between us, and I reassured her that as long as she was ready to collaborate, I was committed to assisting her.

She was prepared, and so we embarked on handling her case. It involved a short sale, where the bank agrees to sell the house for less than the owed amount. She was aware of her eligibility for the HAFA Short Sale Program, which guaranteed no deficiency judgment and a $3,000 relocation assistance at closing.

However, unbeknownst to her, we had discovered she was eligible for an additional $20,000 above the HAFA Program’s offer. We advocated for this extra amount on her behalf, and while the bank approved it, I chose to hold back the news. 

Experience taught me that premature celebrations could lead to disappointment if banks retract their decisions. Thus, I waited for confirmation, ensuring the funds were certain.

The day of closing, March 16, 2012, was momentous. My client, having lost her home, had moved to a run-down building with malfunctioning elevators. She was weary and unwell. But that day, we turned her sorrow into joy. 

The bank's agreement to give her an extra $20,000 on a property being sold for merely $60,000 was astonishing, considering they were only netting two-thirds of the proceeds.

The joy we brought her that day, however, was mixed with sadness. 

Just a few weeks after the closing, my client, who had become very dear to me, passed away. 

The funds we had secured for her, initially meant for a fresh start, were instead used to cover her funeral expenses.

This closing remains etched in my memory, not just for the financial victory it represented, but for the emotional journey it entailed, and the stark reminder of the fleeting nature of life.



My brother and I work very hard...

Teaching my kids to be generous....

in case you need a strong listing agent 

My very active life...100% all the way!

I'm almost famous. . .  

My viral video with over 1/2 million views!

What I love. . . 

...except "clinger" here

...except "clinger" here

What I love. . . 

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My family is the anchor of everything I do...

They are the source of my greatest joy and strength


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Every Sunday without fail, I serve my family breakfast in bed...my appreciation to them.

Yes, I love cars! 

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"What defines me?"

I'm a believer that your attitude shapes your identity and is what defines you.

Being conscious of this, I chose to reinforce it daily

with the acronym T.I.G.E.R.

Where each letter symbolizes and embodies who I am going to be today.

T akin charge (own it) 

I nspiring

G iving

E ye of the tiger (focused)

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